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Blue Light Glasses Lenses

Prescription Blue Light Glasses

Do you want blue light protection built into your prescription glasses? No problem, you can turn any frame on our website into prescription blue light glasses. Simply choose a frame you love and apply either our UVBlue or UVBlue+ lens to your chosen frames during the order process. Find your perfect prescription blue light glasses below.


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Non-Prescription Blue Light Glasses

Don’t wear prescription glasses? It's okay, we've got you covered with our fantastic range of non-prescription, blue light blocking glasses by Ocushield®.

If you want to protect your eyes from over exposure to blue light, get started by exploring the range of blue light glasses below.


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Maintaining healthy eyes is extremely important to the overall health of the body. We all know that getting enough sleep and having UV protection outdoors are the basics for good eye health, but did you know that protection from blue light exposure is also necessary?

Our eyes are exposed to blue light from multiple sources, including the sun, as well as the artificial light from digital screens and fluorescent or LED lighting. Over exposure can cause headaches and tiredness, as well as interrupted sleep pattern and longer-term eye health risks.

To prevent over exposure, blue light blocking glasses are used to limit the amount of blue light that enters the eyes. See below for the different types of blue light glasses available at Superdrug Glasses Online:

Blue light is a type of light categorised as high energy visible (HEV) light. It has the shortest wavelength and highest energy in the visible spectrum and sits between harmful UV light and less harmful visible light.

The reality is that blue light is all around us. The majority of the blue light we are exposed to comes from the sun, but more recent lifestyle changes means that we are now also exposed to artificial sources of blue light in doors, such as LED lighting, computer screen and mobile devices.

High energy blue light can be considered both good and bad for us. We do require some level of blue light to help regulate our circadian rhythm (helping our body know when to sleep and when to wake) and exposure to blue light can also aid memory and improve mood.

However, over exposure to blue light can cause short term issues such as digital eye strain as well as interruptions to our natural sleep cycle. Blue light can change the levels of hormones in the brain and even suppresses the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, making you feel alert when it’s time to sleep. Longer term, blue light exposure can damage the collagen in our skin, resulting in fine lines, pigmentation changes and age spots.

Blue light glasses filter the amount of blue light which enters your eyes. At Superdrug Glasses Online you will find two lens options if you are looking to reduce the effects of digital screens - the UVBlue and UVBlue + lens.

Unlike many other blue light glasses on the market, our UVBlue and UVBlue + lenses have the blue light filter built into the lens material itself, as opposed to blue light coating. This approach enables the lens to filter out a proportion of blue light energy, as well as protecting your eyes against UV rays.

Our blue light blocking glasses use UV+420 technology dispersed in the lens material itself, to filter a portion of high energy blue light whilst also providing UV protection.

In addition to the great benefits of our UVBlue lens, our UVBlue+ lens has a blue multi-layer anti-reflection coating that filters an extra portion of blue light and has a slightly blue hue to the lens.

Yes, if your optician has stated that you don't require a prescription you can still use non-prescription blue light glasses. Just select UVBlue or UVBlue+ lenses and choose PLANO when entering your prescription.

Find out more about blue light and blue light blocking glasses from UK Optometrist and founder of Ocushield, Dhruvin Patel, when he spoke to our team at Superdrug TV.


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