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Caring for your glasses

Once your stylish new eyewear arrives, you are going to want to keep it in tip top condition. We have all cleaned our glasses using our T­-shirt or tie in the past, but these are habits we don't want to encourage!

Here’s our Top Tips for keeping your eyewear in tip top condition…

  1. First and foremost, always keep your glasses tucked up safe in the case provided. It’ll help protect them from any bumps and bashes while you’re not wearing them.
  1. Never place your glasses face down, this will eventually cause scratching to the surface of the lens. In fact, it is always best to pop your glasses back in the case when they are not on your face!
  1. Always hold both sides (arms) when putting on and taking off your glasses. Using one hand to remove them can bend the frame over time and this change the way they fit you.
  1. When you first get your specs, opt for a scratch resistant coating on your lenses. This will give them the best possible chance against every day bumps and knocks. We have got you covered on this one as all of our glasses come with a FREE hard coating as standard – you’re welcome!
  1. When you clean your lenses, be as gentle as you can. Elbow-grease is not necessary for this task. If you clean them too hard, the side of your glasses can become loose. Simply hold the edge of your lenses when cleaning, never by the arms or bridge.
  1. Use the microfibre cloth provided to clean the lenses of your glasses. We have all done it, but using paper towels, tissues or your shirt may cause scratches.
  1. Think about buying some moistened disposable wipes for when you’re on the move - they make a great alternative for when you don’t have access to warm water and are more convenient to carry than a glasses cleaning spray and cloth. Check them out here!
  1. When cleaning rimless glasses, be sure to hold them by the edges of the lens and not by the bridge or sides.
  1. Keep your glasses away from hot conditions, a common mistake is to leave glasses on your dashboard in the car. During hot summer days the heat can distort the frame or damage the coatings.
  1. Don't be tempted to use washing up liquid to clean the lenses, over time it will degrade the coatings.
  1. We hope you enjoy your new eyewear, but should you encounter any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us!



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