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20% OFF Orders over £49

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TERMS: 20% OFF Order over £49

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NHS & Eyecare Vouchers

Unfortunately we do not currently accept NHS vouchers on our web site or in our stores.

Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 ensure that if you work on a computer regularly as part of your job, then your employer is obligated to arrange regular sight tests for you.

They must also supply basic glasses if you are found to need them solely for vdu use.

Many companies use Accor Eyecare Vouchers and they can be used for payment or part payment when buying glasses from us.

You should be given an Eyecare Voucher from your employer to take along to your local optician. On completion of your sight test you will be given a VDU Certificate of Recommendation. You keep one copy and give the other back to your employer.

The report just states if glasses were needed, and if so, are they required solely for vdu use.

If box C or D on the report are ticked, your employer will issue you a Glasses Voucher to be used to purchase glasses for VDU use. This can be used on our website for basic single vision lenses. Currently the voucher will not cover bifocals or varifocals.

The voucher can be used for full payment of a pair of glasses, or as part payment towards a more expensive pair. Whichever you decide, place your order online and add a note in the comments box letting us know you are using a voucher and stating it’s value. Print off a copy of your order and post it to us along with the voucher.