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Prescription Lens Coatings

You will see a number of lens coatings mentioned on our website. Here is a brief explanation of what they are and their advantages.

Anti Reflection Coating

Free of charge with any prescription lenses*

Your great looking frames have arrived, what you don’t want is big reflections off the lenses to distract from their appearance. An anti reflection coating will eliminate reflected light from the front and rear surfaces of your lens.

Less reflections will make the lenses appear more transparent, making the lenses look virtually invisible and allowing people looking at you to see your eyes rather than being distracted by reflections from your lenses.

Also less reflections will mean more light passes through the lens and therefore the better vision we experience, particularly for night driving and computer use.

Scratch resistant coating

Free of charge with any prescription lenses

No lens, regardless of material, will be scratch proof. We can however extend the life of our glasses by adding a scratch resistant coating. A thin, completely clear coating is added to the front and back surface of the lens that will create a much tougher surface.

This will help the lenses survive the day to day knocks they all experience, whether it be the occasional dropping on the floor or cleaning with a tissue.

Hydrophobic & EMR treatment

Free of charge with any prescription lenses

Our anti-reflection coatings also include hydrophobic and oleophobic layers (EMR).

The hydrophobic layer has been designed to repel liquids. This will help water/rain to run off your lenses rather than create dirty water marks.

The oleophobic layers will act as an oil repellent, helping to keep your lenses free from fingerprints and smudges.

These coatings also help to harden the lens surfaces, decreasing the chances of scratching significantly.

UV Protection

Free of charge with any prescription lenses**

With reports that Ultra Violet light levels are increasing every year as a consequence to the depleting Ozone layer, it is very important that we protect our eyes from these harmful rays.

There are three types of UV light that we need to consider:

  • UVC -­ Excessive exposure can cause photokeratitis and corneal opacity.
  • UVB -­ Excessive exposure can cause photokeratitis, corneal opacity and cataract.
  • UVA - Excessive exposure can cause cataract.

Think of the UV protection coating as a way of protecting your eyes, as you would use sun-tan lotion to protect your skin from suffering any harm from the sun’s UV rays.

*not available with standard tints without additional cost.

**all our lenses have 100% UV protection with the exception of 1.5 and 1.56 clear lenses.