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Guide to sunglasses (tinted, polarised, Transition lenses)

When the Summer arrives, we all start to think about sunglasses, but what type of lenses will be best for you? There are lots of options, not just what colour tint would suit you best. Here is a run down on the most recent Sun Glass Technologies.

Tinted Lenses

Tinted lenses are the simplest option. You select a colour and the depth of tint you require. The lenses are permanently tinted and will also block out 100% of that harmful UV light.

Some colours will enhance vision in certain conditions, so your decision on colour may not be solely on the cosmetics of the tint.

Blue This is a light tint. It can increase glare when used outdoors so is mainly advised as a fashion tint.

Brown This is a medium strength tint. This will filter some of the blue light, increasing contrast and improving vision. Very popular choice for a general purpose sunglass.

Grey This is a medium strength tint. Retains good colour perception. Reduces glare. Excellent for driving and our most popular colour tint.

Pink This is a light tint. Can relieve eye strain caused by computer use and brightly lit indoor environments.

Yellow This is a light tint. A favourite for those into snow sports. The blue blocking properties will increase colour contrast and depth perception.

Green G15 This is a dark tint. A green tint will give the best vision of all the colours and the highest contrast. Another good general purpose choice.

Graduated Brown This starts as a light brown tint at the top of the lens and gets progressively lighter as you move down until it is completely clear, giving greater visibility at the bottom of the lens. Ideal for reading in a sunny garden.

Graduated Pink This starts as a light pink tint at the top of the lens and gets progressively lighter as you move down until it is completely clear, giving greater visibility at the bottom of the lens.

Photochromic Lenses

Often referred to by a brand name "Transitions", photochromic lenses automatically become darker when you head out into the sun giving you 100% UV protection. This saves you having to carry a second pair of prescription sunglasses around with you incase the sun comes out!

They have a special coating that is activated by the UV part of the sunlight. They react very quickly (approx 1 minute) when you step out into the bright sun. They will continue to darken slowly over the next 10 minutes or so.

Stepping indoors away from the UV rays will start the lenses to fade to clear once more. This again will start rapidly, becoming very clear within the first minute and continuing to fade over the next 5 minutes. The lens may have a very light residual tint (no more than 15% absorption) as it's normal state.

They are a very convenient option. Be aware that the windscreen in your car will have a UV blocker for your protection. This means there will only be a slight darkening of the lenses while you are in the car.

Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses are great for driving and any activity near the water. Very popular with HGV drivers that suffer with glare from the road surface, and fishermen that constantly face glare from the sea.

So how are they different from a standard tint? A standard tint will reduce the amount of light transmitted through the lens in both the horizontal and vertical plane. A polarised filter will absorb the horizontal light waves but allow the vertical ones to pass through. This will eliminate glare and improve depth and colour perception.

Clip On Sun Lenses

Some of our frames have a clip on lens available for them. When the sun comes out simply attach them to your frame and enjoy the benefits of sunglasses without having to buy and carry a second pair of glasses.