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Varifocal lenses provide distance, intermediate and near vision correction in a handy single pair of glasses. They are designed to give you a smooth transition of power as you move gaze from the top "distance" area of the lens, through to the "intermediate" area designed for mid distance, and finally to the lower lens that has your prescription needed for reading or close work.

Traditional (or conventional) varifocal lenses used to be the go-to lens for wearers who required a blended prescription. However, as technology has progressed over the years, the traditional varifocals have had more negative points surrounding them, such as medium levels of peripheral vision, so these are no longer available. However, this just means there are better options now on the market for you!

Rear surface freeform varifocals 

Rear surface freeform lenses use the latest in lens manufacturing technology; digitally optimising your prescription and choice of frame.  It may sound a little complicated, but the process is highly effective and results in a greater field of clear vision (up to 50% greater than traditional varifocals). Plus, there is minimal soft focus and peripheral distortion and they are super easy to adapt to.

As the prescription is surfaced onto the back of the lens, this is nearer to the eye, offering a better field of vision for distance, intermediate, and reading.

Our Premium and Elite varifocal options are both rear surface design.


As with anything new, it may take a little while to get used to your new varifocal lenses. But practise makes perfect!

You may need a short period of time to feel fully comfortable with the lenses and you should keep in mind that this could take anywhere between a few minutes, a few days or even up to a month.

To speed up the process, try wearing your new lenses around the house or office to start with and try not to return to your old prescription. For driving, it is recommended that you only use your new progressive lenses once you are 100% comfortable in them.

If you experience any difficulty with your varifocals or have additional questions you need answering before ordering, then please contact us at



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