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Waterhaul Sustainable Glasses

Waterhaul has a clear purpose: to tackle the continuing issue of abandoned fishing gear, nets and plastic polluting our oceans and harming marine life by transforming it into purposeful, sustainable eyewear. They see this pollution not as waste, but as raw material which they can turn into eco-friendly glasses, which are not only kinder to the planet, but are super-stylish too!

What Are Sustainable Glasses? 

Sustainable glasses are eyewear made from eco-friendly or recycled materials, and Waterhaul is a leader in this area, so we’re incredibly proud to stock them at Superdrug Glasses Online.

Why Choose Waterhaul Glasses?

Each pair of Waterhaul’s exceptional, sustainable range is created using 100% recycled raw material, recovered from our ocean’s coastlines, recycled and turned into eco-friendly eyewear. Every pair of Waterhaul glasses has been designed to meet the demands of adventure, and as they’re made from materials that would last decades, if not hundreds of years, in the ocean, you know your new eyewear will meet the demands of any lifestyle.

At Superdrug Glasses Online, discover a range of Waterhaul’s glasses, including brightly coloured frames whose colour is derived from original netting with no additional dye to traditional style frames suited to everyday wear. Plus, each pair comes with a fully recycled cork case to keep them safe.

How are Waterhaul glasses created?


Collected from across the coastline of Cornwall. Waterhaul are also developing schemes to assist preventing gear loss at the source, alongside a port based pilot scheme in Pembrokeshire.


Gear is separated by polymer type, and then recycled through a mechanical process of shredding and washing. The plastic is then extruded into pellets and becomes our raw material. 


With their 100% recycled raw material, Waterhaul injection mould this plastic into purposeful products. This is the stage where they give new value to plastic 'waste'.

We have six frames on offer available as prescription glasses or sunglasses, all with Waterhaul’s name along the side of the frame.

Who created Waterhaul?

Marine scientist Harry Davies created the brand after resolving to help flight the issue of ghost gear (abandoned fishing gear and nets). 

Why choose Ghost gear?

Nets and ghost gear are strong and abundant, with lots of variations which can then be turned into trendy, sustainable eyewear. 

And if you would like to know more about Superdrug and our continued corporate social responsibility efforts, you can read about them here: Doing Good Feels Super.


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